The February 2018 Europe list is now available. The list is produced in both .pdf and .doc formats.

The Germany list is regularly revised. The latest list is dated 29.1.18. and adds 850+ UM, mint and used items from 1872 to 1945 plus Danzig, Memel and Colonies.

New lists from other countries are added when available.

The new Faroe Islands list is dated 14.2.18. and adds 150+ UM items from 1975 to 2006.

The new Albania list is dated 24.2.18. and adds 120+ UM, mint and used items.

The next new lists will be:

Belgium (due March.)

Germany (Federal Republic and modern Germany additions - due late-March/early April.)










































February list (PDF file)
February list (DOC file)
Germany List